EG 1130 High Pressure Washer

– 130 Bar Pressure
– 1800 Watts ( 1.8 HP Copper Winding )
– 2 Mtr Power Cord
– 10 LPM Flow Rate
– 6 Mtr Steel Breaded Hydraulic Hose Pipe
– 2 Mtr PVC Suction Pipe
– Adjustable Nozzle With Gun
– Foam Dispenser
– Suction Filter
– Inlet Filter Connector
– Suction Pipe Adaptor.

1 Liter Foam Liquid Shampoo Worth 400/-
Absolutely Free

6,000.00 8,490.00 (Inc. GST)


The Portable High-Pressure Washer is a versatile and easy-to-use machine designed for various cleaning tasks. Its key features include:
1. Auto-Cut-Off System: The machine automatically stops when you release the trigger, saving electricity, water, and extending the motor’s lifespan.
2. Heavy-Duty Domestic Induction Motor: The pressure washer is equipped with a 1600-watt motor that operates on a 230V/50Hz single-phase power supply. The motor has copper winding, ensuring durability and efficient performance.
3. Flow Rate: The machine has a maximum flow rate of 10 liters per minute, allowing for effective cleaning and rinsing.
4. Maximum Pressure: The pressure washer can deliver a maximum pressure of 130 BAR/1800 PSI, providing ample power for a wide range of cleaning tasks.
5. Accessories: The box contains essential accessories for daily usage, including an inlet hose pipe, outlet hose pipe, filter, spray gun, foot valve, and a foam can. These accessories enhance the versatility of the machine.
6. Additional Features: The high-pressure pump includes an adjustable pressure gun, ensuring flexibility in tackling different cleaning requirements. It operates with low noise levels, making it convenient for use in various environments. The compact and portable design allows for easy transportation and storage.
7. Versatile Applications: The machine can be used for various cleaning purposes, such as washing bikes and cars, spraying water for plants, floor cleaning, house cleaning, and giving pets a bath. Its versatility makes it suitable for multiple cleaning tasks.
8. Warranty: The motor is covered by a one-year guarantee, and the machine comes with a nine-year service warranty. However, it’s important to note that the accessories are not included under warranty. If any issues arise during the warranty period, customers need to bring the machine to the nearest store for service.
Overall, the Portable High-Pressure Washer offers impressive build quality, ease of operation, and a range of features that make it a reliable and efficient cleaning tool for various applications.

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