Domestic Pressure Washers EG 1090 HPW

– 190 Bar Pressure
– 2600 Watts ( 2.6 Copper Winding Motor )
– 2 Mtr Power Cord
– 10 LPM Flow Rate
– 8 Mtr Steel Breaded Hydraulic Hose Pipe
– 2 Mtr PVC Suction Pipe
– Adjustable Nozzle With Gun
– Suction Filter
– Inlet Filter 2 Piece
– Suction Pipe Adaptor

-1 Liter Foam Liquid Shampoo Worth 400/-
– High Grade Foam Gun with QRC Worth 3400/-
– Extension Rod Worth 1400 Absolutely Free (1 year Guarantee Life time warranty)

11,500.00 15,000.00 (Inc. GST)


The 150 Portable High-Pressure Washer seems to be a versatile and user-friendly machine with several features. Here is a summary of its key specifications and benefits:
1. Build Quality: The pressure washer is described as having amazing build quality, which indicates that it is durable and reliable.
2. Auto-Cut Off System: The machine is equipped with an auto-cut off system. When you release the trigger, the pressure washer automatically stops. This feature helps save electricity, water, and extends the motor’s lifespan.
3. Pressure Control: The pressure washer has a pressure controller knob on the motor, allowing you to adjust the pressure according to your specific cleaning needs.
4. Motor: It is powered by a heavy-duty domestic induction motor with copper winding. The motor operates on a 230V/50Hz single-phase power supply and has a power rating of 1800 watts. The copper winding contributes to efficient performance and durability.
5. Flow Rate: The pressure washer has a maximum flow rate of 10 liters per minute (LPM). This determines the amount of water delivered by the machine and affects its cleaning efficiency.
6. Maximum Pressure: The machine can generate a maximum pressure of 150 BAR/2100 PSI. Higher pressure allows for more effective cleaning of tough stains and dirt.
7. Accessories: The package includes various accessories necessary for daily usage, such as an inlet hose pipe, outlet hose pipe, filter, spray gun, foot valve, and a foam can. These accessories enhance the versatility and functionality of the pressure washer.
8. Versatility: The pressure washer can be used for multiple applications, including bike washing, car washing, watering plants, floor cleaning, house cleaning, and giving pets a bath. Its wide range of uses makes it a versatile machine.
9. Warranty: The motor is covered by a 1-year guarantee, and the overall machine has a 9-year service warranty. However, it’s important to note that accessories are typically not included under warranty. If any issues arise during the warranty period, customers are required to take the machine to the nearest store for service.
Overall, the 150 Portable High-Pressure Washer appears to be a reliable and efficient cleaning machine with useful features for various cleaning tasks.


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